Mother's Day Bloombox & WHITETREE Tea Bundle
Gerberas & Tulips
Carnations & Roses
Mother's Day Bloombox & WHITETREE Tea Bundle
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Mother's Day Bloombox & WHITETREE Tea Bundle

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This Mother's Day, we teamed up with WHITETREE to bring you the perfect Mother's Day gift that not only brings joy to mums but also nourishes the body! 

TWF Bloombox

Choose from 2 designs based on the focal flowers used to create these Bloomboxes! 

Design 1: Gerberas & Tulips - Gerberas symbolises beauty and purity while Tulips symbolises perfect love.

Design 2: Carnations & Roses - Carnations symbolises motherly love while Pink Roses symbolises gratitude and admiration. 

WHITETREE Tea Blends (12 Tea Bags)

Option 1: Beauty

Recommended for mums to improve skin tone, improve female hormone balance and increase in Vitamin C intake.

The Beauty Blend helps to restore a healthy balance of women's hormones and keeps skin looking at its best. It makes use of rosehip, a herb that is extremely abundant in Vitamin C, essential for skin whitening. It also contains 9 different types of western lindens that help shrink pores and improve circulation and skin condition. The Beauty Blend comes with a slightly sweet, fruity flavour easy on your taste buds. 

Option 2: Calming

Recommended for mums experiencing fatigue, stress, bad sleep, digestive problems, or headaches.

The Calming Blend strengthens the connection between body and mind. It specifically targets symptoms such as restless sleep, stress and mental fatigue, providing support such as the mental state needed for a good night's sleep and even digestive system care. Made with gentle flavoured chamomile and lemon balm, the Calming Blend has a mellow flavour and is easy to drink. 
Note: Both tea blends are 100% organic and caffeine free.