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The Weekend Florist SG

Woods Christmas Wreath (Fresh)

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A half wreath that is filled with conifers such as fir and cuppressus, eucalyptus leaves, red skimmas and pine cones! Your Woods Christmas Wreath will come with a velvet sage ribbon attached to it! 

Your Christmas wreath will come with a hoop attached and ready to be hung on a nail or hook. Give your Christmas wreath a little spray of water every day so that the leaves stay hydrated. 

Your Christmas wreath should remain fresh for about a week with proper care before drying up into a beautiful shade of rustic brown. Every Christmas wreath comes with a care card. 

Approx. Size |

Standard - D40cm including leaves (pictured)

Large - D50cm including leaves

Note: If any of the materials are not available, we will replace them with suitable substitutes at our own discretion. Rest assured that the overall aesthetic will remain intact.