Collection: Valentines Day Collection 2024

"Rekindling our love for Roses" is the theme of this year's Valentine's Day collection. In the past, we strayed from the classic Roses, thinking they were a tad too "basic." But this year, we're giving a nod to these love-symbolising beauties, giving them a fresh and edgy spin. 

Say goodbye to baby's breath and eucalyptus leaves; introducing pearls and metallic beads to complement the rich and opulent Ecuador Roses. Each floral arrangement in this collection is elegantly displayed in silver or burnt orange vessels because, let's face it, who really unwraps their flowers to place them in a vase? We've abandoned the traditional bouquet wrapping, allowing you to revel in the beauty of your blooms a little longer.

We sincerely hope you find as much joy in this collection as we have in curating it.